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How do I Stock Kits in Office and Manage Inventory with Rupa?
How do I Stock Kits in Office and Manage Inventory with Rupa?
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Rupa has 9 lab companies currently available to stock supplies and kits in the office

  • Access Medical Labs

  • Genova Diagnostics

  • Mosaic Diagnostics

  • Diagnostic Solutions

  • DUTCH (Precision Analytical)

  • Doctor's Data (our top 8 tests currently available)

  • US Biotek

  • Boston Heart

  • Alletess

When you receive your kits in the office and are ready to use them on a patient, you kits must be activated before using on a patient by placing the order on Rupa and selecting In-Office Delivery Method. View a video tutorial, below.

Rupa can also support inventory tracking, but only for specialty kits (non-blood supplies) ordered through Rupa. See the below image for tips on tracking inventory and using existing inventory through Rupa!

How do I "Activate" a kit?

When you’re ready to use a kit on a patient or ship a sample back to the lab, you must activate your kit by placing the order on Rupa — follow these steps!

Step One: Start an Order. You can start an order from your Kit Inventory Tab by clicking "Activate," or you can start the order by clicking "Start Order" in the same place you create new drop-ship orders!

Step Two: Make sure you've selected the correct test you're running with the kit, and that the Delivery Method is "In Office."

Step Three: If the test is Genova or Mosaic, select your correct Activation ID / Verification Code from the drop down select. Be sure your code matches the kit you're using!

Step Four: Submit Order. If needed, a requisition will be available to download and print to ship back to the lab. For Genova and Mosaic, there's no requisition needed! Be sure to include the date & time of sample collection before shipping the kit to the lab.

What if my activation code isn't listed in the drop down?

Message our support team! If you received extra kits (sometimes this happens with Genova!) we might not have your code saved on file. Message our team, and we'll get this added for you & make sure your inventory numbers are correct!

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