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What can I order for patients who live in New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island?
What can I order for patients who live in New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island?
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6 of Rupa's partner lab companies have testing that practitioners can order for patients based in NY, NJ and RI through Rupa:

  • Access Medical Labs (In NJ & RI only)

  • Doctor's Data

  • DUTCH (Precision Analytical)

  • Gemelli Biotech

  • iGeneX

  • 3x4 Genetics

Note that not every single test from each of these labs can be ordered in every states. There are varying restrictions dependent on the patient's state and the license state of the practitioner.

See the image and PDF attached for details.

How can I make sure to order the right tests based on my patient's location?

When adding a patient to Rupa, you'll be prompted to check a box if the patient lives in one of these 3 states. From there, the checkout flow will warn you if tests you've selected are banned or can't be collected in their home state.

Can I filter the lab test catalog based on allowed states?

Yes! You can filter the lab test catalog to view only the tests allowed in NY, NJ, and RI. This allows you to quickly identify the tests available for each state and make appropriate selections.

Does Rupa warn my patients about these restrictions?

Yes, if you've ordered a test for a patient that they can't ship or collect in their state, we'll warn them as they pay for the order. If there's a test in their order that can't be shipped to their state, we'll have to cancel the order.

If they need to collect their samples in a different state, we'll also show your patients these restrictions on their instructions page.

What if the test I ordered for my patient can’t be ordered at all in a patient's state?

There might be instances wherein the test you ordered for your patient cannot be completed in their state. If this happens, we will not let the patient check out for an order and we will let them know to talk to you about placing a new order for a different test.

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