Rupa Physician Services At-A-Glance
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With Rupa Physician Services, Rupa offers the ability for health & wellness practitioners* to recommend testing that your clients can choose to purchase through an authorizing physician who will review and process their order.

How it works:

  • Health & Wellness practitioners will need to apply to use Rupa Physician Services

  • When Rupa Physician Services is used, insurance and superbills are not available

  • A $25 fee is added per kit that is billed to the client when using this Rupa Physician Services. This cost covers the fee for the authorizing physician to determine whether testing is appropriate, provide follow up if needed, and associated administrative costs

  • Clinical consults are unavailable with all labs when Rupa Physician Services is used, as the authorizing physician’s name will appear on the requisition as the signing provider

  • Results will be released to the client, practitioner, and authorizing physician at the same time

*​​Complete the Rupa Physician Services application to confirm your eligibility.

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