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What is the client experience with Rupa Physician Services?
What is the client experience with Rupa Physician Services?
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With Rupa's Physician Services, Health and Wellness Professionals are able to offer lab testing to their clients through a Signing Physician. The Recommending Professional can send their client information about their recommended labs, and order will be placed through a Signing Physician. When results are in, the Signing Physician first screens results for any critical markers. If there is a critical flag, the Signing Physician will give your client a call directly to let them know.

Results will be released to the recommending practitioner and the client at the same time through the Rupa portal.

Similar to typical orders, Rupa still handles all the in-between support. From shipping kits, providing updates on shipping and processing status, answering client questions and offering personalized instructions, Rupa guides you and your client each step of the way.

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