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Which labs can I order through Rupa?
Which labs can I order through Rupa?
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Our catalog includes specialty testing, basic bloodwork and genetics from over 30+ CLIA certified labs listed below. You are able to discover labs based on health category and lab company, as well as leverage a number of filters to learn more about available lab tests. It is also possible to

See our lab test catalog for a complete list of tests offered with pricing. They are also listed at the bottom of this FAQ article.

Not sure what you have ordering access to?

You can view your personalized list of labs you can order from based on your license and state right in your Rupa dashboard.

Not seeing a lab on Rupa that you want to see?

See this FAQ article to understand what steps you can take! We definitely want to hear from you, so we can fulfill all your lab ordering needs!

Lab companies on Rupa, listed alphabetically:

  • 3X4 Genetics

  • Access Medical Labs

  • Aerodiagnostics

  • Alletess

  • Ayumetrix

  • BostonHeart Diagnostics

  • Cell Science Systems

  • Commonwealth Diagnostics

  • Cyrex Labs

  • DHA Laboratory

  • Diagnostic Solutions

  • DNAlife

  • DNA RX

  • Doctor's Data

  • ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies

  • Gemelli Biotech

  • Genova Diagnostics

  • IGeneX

  • Immunosciences Lab

  • Infinite Allergy Labs

  • KBMO

  • Labcorp through Access

  • Microbiome Labs

  • Mosaic Diagnostics

  • Precision Analytical (DUTCH)

  • Precision Point Diagnostics (Dunwoody)

  • Quicksilver Scientific

  • RealTime Labs

  • Sanesco & NeuroLab

  • SpectraCell

  • TruDiagnostic

  • US BioTek

  • ZRT

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