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What EMR / EHR systems do you integrate with?
What EMR / EHR systems do you integrate with?
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We do two kinds of integrations:

  • Results only - You can place an order on Rupa and get the results straight inside your EHR

  • Ordering & resulting - You can place an order directly in your EHR through a Rupa pop-up. Results will go straight into your EHR too.

Ordering & resulting Integrations:

Results only integrations:

  • AcuBliss

  • Biocanic

  • BodySite

  • Elation Health

  • Holistic Office

  • Kalix

  • OptimalDx

  • OptiMantra

  • PracticeQ

We're actively integrating with more EMR / EHR systems and it’s helpful for us to know which ones our practitioners use. If you would like to see us integrate with your EMR / EHR system of choice, please tell us here!

If you use Practice Better, learn more here!

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