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How do 1:1 consultations with the signing physician work?
Updated over a week ago

For your clients: We know that not all clients have a primary care physician who is familiar with functional medicine lab testing. In the case that your client has questions for a physician, especially if a result comes back as critical or abnormal, Rupa offers a way to speak directly with the signing physician about their results. The signing physician can offer answers and referrals. This is optional and available for an extra fee.

For you: We believe in the power of collaboration, and know how important the role of health and wellness professionals are in supporting clients through behavioral and lifestyle changes. In the case where your client doesn’t already have a physician on their team, you can collaborate with Rupa’s partner physician for your client’s benefit.

If preferred, clients and practitioners can meet with the signing physician together. Either way, Rupa is here to support you and your clients each step of the way.

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