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How does finding a blood draw station work?
How does finding a blood draw station work?

In our instructions email, we share customized phlebotomy options with your patient based on their location.

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Rupa makes finding phlebotomy easy! When you order tests that require a blood draw, our team will automatically send your patient local options based on their zip code. We try to include both mobile phlebotomy and walk-in lab options. In your patient's personalized instructions email, we’ll let them know the name, address and estimated cost of the phlebotomist, for them to schedule directly.

Patients will then bring their test kit, which includes all necessary tubes and return packaging, with them to the phlebotomist. Want to see the phlebotomists in our directory? You can now search our phlebotomy map by zip code!

If you already have a local phlebotomist you would like to continue to use or if you do blood draws in-house, you can always set a preferred phlebotomist in your settings. In this case, the patient will receive instructions to go to your preferred phlebotomist instead of our directory.

You can read more about how Rupa helps find phlebotomy options here.

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