How do I add others from my clinic to Rupa?
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It's very important that team members join an existing clinic, as there are a number of clinic level preferences and access settings. New team members should not create a new clinic upon sign up.

Each person will have their own separate Rupa login but come to the same clinic dashboard, so you can easily collaborate and view patient results across practitioners. Your team's Rupa Guide will be happy to talk about other ways we can customize your clinic account!

Invite a Team Member

Anyone currently part of your clinic can invite other team member(s) directly from Settings. By inviting a team member, your teammate will receive an email to activate their account! All you need is their name and email.

Even if a team member attempts to Sign Up outside of their email, you will be required to invite them. Whether they are a Practitioner or Clinic Staff, they will see an option to Join My Team Already on Rupa. This will open a helper video that shows how to Invite a Team Member.

A clinic team member signed up separately and now there are 2 clinics by the same name!

No worries! Message our team and we can help get you and your team members sorted out. We'll need to de-activate one of the duplicate clinics and move all folks to a single clinic.

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